Love you exactly where you are

I’m such a weird advocate for the body positivity movement. Being thin means I don’t have to deal with the things that bigger bodied people do, but I still cheer from the sidelines every time someone embraces their body.

I’m absolutely in love with people being in love with themselves!

Wear that swim suit, girl.

Strut in that skirt with the thigh high slit.

Exercise in those leggings and a sports bra. It’s super cute and you look amazing.

Walk into a room and claim your right to take up space.

I see you trying on confidence like a new sweater. Twisting and turning while you check for the reactions of those around you, but the only reaction that matters is yours.

We get one body, and one life. Live it as well as you can. Find the people that bask in your glow without trying to dim it or outshine you.

Love on the vessel that carries your soul, star stuff, and consciousness.

Love on it!

It’s the only one you get and how big or small it is has no bearing on the value you bring to any space you choose to occupy.

You were made to be seen and heard. If someone tells you differently, that sounds like a them problem, because you were absolutely meant to be wherever you stand.

You are beautiful because you’re here.

You’re beautiful because your smile lights up the room.

You’re beautiful because you slay whatever you put on.

You’re valued because you exist.

You’re valued because you know your body better than any doctor.

You’re valued because you add value to any place you enter.

You’re beautiful and valued because there is no one else like you and that doesn’t diminish with a number on a scale or the size of your jeans.

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